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Test your Tick IQ


1.       Which of the following is NOT a tick borne disease?

a. Ehrlichiosis        b. Leptospirosis         c. Babesia        d. Anaplasma

Answer: Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease spread through contact with contaminated water. Leptospirosis is commonly carried by wildlife such as raccoons,  skunks, opossums, squirrels and rats.   


2.   Ticks are only a problem in the Summer  True or False

Answer: False, ticks are a problem in Spring, Summer and Fall


3.   Ticks can transmit Heartworm Disease   True or False

Answer: False. Heartworms are transmitted by Mosquitos


4.   Touching a burnt match to a tick is a good way to detach it.

True or False

Answer: False. Agitating the tick with a burnt match can cause the tick to reguritate stomach contents into the pet, accelerating disease transfer.


Quiz 2 - Test Your Heartworm IQ

1. Heartworms are transmitted by:_______________________

Answer B. Mosquitoes


2. Heartworms can cause which of the following problems:

Answer: d. All of these


3 Heartworms are not a significant problem in El Dorado County

True or False

Answer: False. El Dorado County has more cases of Heartworm disease than any other county in California.


4. Heartworms are only a problem in Spring and Summer.

True or False

Answer: False. Mosquitoes can survive all year in our mild weather, additionally,  Oak trees, common in the foothill areas of the state, provide tree holes that fill with water and harbor the larvae of the principal Aedes  vector of this disease.


5. My Dog is an indoor dog - so I don't need to use prevention.

True or False

Answer: False, unless your dog NEVER goes outside to go potty,  go for a walk,  and your house never has a door or window open! (How DO you get in the house?)